MVP Club

When you join TD’s MVP Club (powered by Royalty Rewards), we’ll give you a credit card-style MVP Club card. Bring your card with you each time you visit TD’s Tailgate Grill, hand it to your server when you pay your bill, and you’ll earn points from your purchases. We automatically track your purchases and assign points to your account, so you don’t have to worry about that. Each dollar spent equals one point. When you accumulate 200 points, we’ll mail you a $10 gift certificate! Could it be any easier?

Good question! You’ll earn ten points for supplying your email address, 25 to 50 points for completing an online survey about your TD’s experience, and you can earn double or triple points throughout the year when we run specials and promotions! The only thing better than delicious food is delicious free food, right?

There are no limits whatsoever and no expiration dates on your accumulated points. We’re not that kind of place.

Come to TD’s Tailgate Grill, knock three times, and whisper, “TD’s MVP Club.”

Just kidding. Just come on in and ask your server about our MVP Club card, and we’ll get you signed up right away.

We only have one little rule: if you don’t get your MVP Club card swiped at least once every six months, you’ll be bumped from our list because we’ll assume you no longer visit TD’s or have permanently left the area. Be sure to give your MVP Club card to your server each time you visit TD’s Tailgate Grill so this doesn’t happen to you!

US residents only, please.


Join TD’s MVP Club and get a FREE $5 welcome gift certificate in the mail! You’ll also receive lots of other cool MVP Club-only promotions and offers all year long.

You’ll need your card number and password (your default password is your last name, but it can be changed upon logging in to your account). We encourage you to check your account frequently, track your purchases, and keep your account information current.